Piano, The First Impression

Personal Connection

Throughout my musical journey, the piano has played a significant role in my life. My earliest encounter with this enchanting instrument began in grade 1, where I embarked on a musical adventure full of excitement and curiosity. However, the initial enthusiasm was dampened as self-doubt crept in, leading me to quit after a year. Nevertheless, the allure of the piano never truly left my heart, and in grade 5, I found the courage to revisit my passion. This time, armed with determination and resilience, I embraced the challenges and progressed with unwavering dedication. Now, as a freshman, the piano continues to inspire and elevate my soul, reminding me that perseverance truly yields beautiful melodies.


  • Price 90% 90%
  • Difficult 70% 70%
  • diversity 95% 95%
  • Familiarity 95% 95%

Musical Influences and Inspirations

Playing the piano has been an unwavering source of inspiration in my life, igniting a passion that knows no bounds. From a young age, the mesmerizing melodies and evocative harmonies struck a deep chord within me. The instrument’s versatility, capable of expressing emotions from sheer joy to profound sorrow, enthralled my heart. As I witnessed virtuosos effortlessly command the ivory keys, my determination to master this art intensified. The piano became my refuge, a place where I could pour my soul into each stroke and find solace amidst life’s tumult. The joy of creating music and connecting with others through its enchanting language has forever shaped my artistic journey.